Alhamdulillah Raqi Arif has been treating patients from across the world for the last decade with ruqyah, jinn catching, and psychotherapy. He has extensive knowledge of the subject and has a great amount of experience. His methods of treatment are strictly Islamic and his reliance is totally on Allah as only Allah can cure. Alhamdullilah many patients who were in ICU, and mental hospitals Allah has cured by his methods. 


We aim to help those who have been suffering for years without any answers to heal by Allahs will. We also hope to destroy the scam of fake spiritual healers who are so wide spread and  who are destroying peoples lives as well as exorting vast amounts of money from them.


Our mission statement is … do positive, think positive, eat positive ( Rely on Allah and everything else will be okay.)


People in society are tired and fed up of spiritual healers as 99% of healers in Pakistan are of those who co operate with the jinn who in return give false promises. Patients do not recover or are healed but are charged vast amounts of money and in a worse off position than before. The reason of this is that those from whom they seek help are the same ones who are making them ill or causing destruction in their lives. Our method of treatment does not rely on spiritual entities but soley on the creator and cleans up the mess caused bringing relief and peace of mind.