Ruqyah Online Services

Ruqyah online Services

What is Ruqyah Therapy?

Ruqyah is a process where an Islamic exorcist recites verses of the Holy Quran & authentic supplications from hadith to treat spiritual, mental, and physical illnesses and paranormal activities in one’s life including magic, evil eye and jinn possession.

This is the authentic way to treat illnesses and paranormal activities according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). This method does not use the jinn or taweez or any other type of shirk method which is widespread across the globe but solely relies on Allah the creator to cure. 

Principles of Ruqyah:

Quranic Healing: The Holy Quran is a healing for the believer, for spiritual restoration & removal of negative energies such as jinn & magic it is the best way to be treated according to islam.

Authenticity: We adhere strictly to Quranic teachings and Prophetic traditions to ensure the efficacy and legitimacy of our Ruqyah practices. 

Intention (Niyyah): Our raqis cultivate a sincere intention to seek healing and protection from Allah (SWT), coupled with unwavering faith in Allah’s (SWT) divine intervention & help.

Consistency: Teaching our patients to embrace Ruqyah as a consistent practice, integrating it into one’s daily routine to fortify spiritual resilience and ward off negative energies by reading morning & evening Adkhar and authentic supplications.

How do i know if i need Ruqyah?

Determining whether you require the services of ruqyah, here are some indicators that may suggest a need for ruqyah services:

  1. Unexplained Physical Symptoms: If you are experiencing persistent physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, unexplained illnesses, or sensations of being touched or affected by unseen forces, despite medical interventions, it may be a sign that spiritual healing is necessary.

  2. Persistent Psychological Distress: Intense feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, or despair that persist despite efforts to address them through conventional means could indicate a spiritual component to your distress. Ruqyah services may help alleviate these symptoms by addressing underlying spiritual causes.

  3. Sudden Changes in Behavior or Personality: Abrupt and unexplained changes in behavior, personality, or habits, such as aggression, withdrawal, or mood swings, may be indicative of spiritual influence. Ruqyah practitioners can help identify and address these spiritual disturbances.

  4. Recurring Nightmares or Disturbing Dreams: Persistent nightmares or recurring dreams that are distressing or feel spiritually significant may signal the need for ruqyah services. These dreams could be a manifestation of spiritual disturbances or negative influences that require spiritual intervention.

  5. Unexplained Relationship Issues or Family Discord: Strained relationships, frequent arguments, or discord within the family that cannot be attributed to external factors may have spiritual roots. Ruqyah services can help identify and address underlying spiritual causes contributing to relationship issues.

  6. Intuition or Inner Guidance: If you have a strong intuition or inner guidance indicating the need for spiritual healing or protection, it may be worthwhile to seek ruqyah services. Trusting your instincts and seeking guidance from knowledgeable practitioners can help you determine the best course of action.

  7. Feeling of Spiritual Affliction: If you have a persistent feeling of being afflicted by negative spiritual influences, such as the evil eye, black magic, or possession, seeking ruqyah services may be beneficial. Experienced ruqyah practitioners can help identify and remove these spiritual afflictions.

It’s important to approach the decision to seek ruqyah services with an open mind and a sincere intention to address any spiritual issues affecting your well-being. 

Common Symptoms of Spitirtual Sickness.

To diagnose yourself we have listed a few common symptoms:-

Unusual Headaches: migraines, numbness, mind is closed, pains partly or complete.

Constantly thinking: uncontrollable thoughts, this could be about one person or generally mind is always working unproductively.

Madness: loss of memory, talking to self, crying, laughing for no reason, seeing things, hearing voices. Becoming dumb and stupid.

Unhappy in any situation: whatever you do or wherever you go you don’t like anything, have disinterest in life, suicidal

Constant conflicts: fights arguments with wife or husband, family, workers friends or business partner etc afterwards feel regretful.

Unable to achieve in life blockages: job, studies, marriage, children, wealth, relationships etc

Broken promises: whenever someone agrees they break the agreement by apologizing or ignoring you

Loss of confidence: unable to perform in any aspect, socializing with others, always nervous, scared, spending most of your time alone.

Negativity: nothing works out, no one likes you, constantly in a downward spiral, no one trusts you, and everyone thinks negatively of you.

Insomnia: unable to sleep at night, heart beats above normal, always tired,

Nightmare: see dogs, lions, animals, snakes, water, fire, dead people, graveyards, yourself travelling, blood, creatures, rats, lizards, ants, people doing magic, bones, sexual dreams, flying, falling, children etc.

Ugliness: see the other person as angry or ugly, disinterested in you.

Unusual Pains: in the body, neck and shoulder tightness,  lower back head could be anywhere

Stomach problems: swelling, constipation, something moving inside, hardness.

Illness: becoming weak, always ill with no explanation, medicines have no effect, Epilepsy fits, fainting, itching, scratching.

Stings: feel as if someone is putting pins in your body.

Hot Cold: feet burning, feel hot in the body for one second then cold, shivers etc

Unusual things: bad smells, freak accidents, cuts, bruises burns on the body, doors banging, lights switching on and off etc.

Darkness: on the face,

Body: twitching of body, always moving your legs, legs feel very heavy, aches and pains, pain in the kidneys, etc.

Loss: No matter how much you earn it all goes, you are losing your health day by day

Women:Periods: No periods, abnormal cycles, extreme pains,

Pregnancy: Enable to get pregnant, loss of baby, miscarriages, baby in tubes, Cyst

Sexual: burning after intercourse, pain during intercourse, Dreams

Men: Obsessive interest in sex No erectionUnable to control yourself release before time.Pain in testicles.

Islam: Unable to read namaaz Salaat, feeling pains when listening to Quran, can’t stand the azaan, have bad thoughts about Islam in any aspect.

Our Ruqyah Services

Our Online Ruqyah services are dedicated to providing comprehensive spiritual healing and protection in alignment with authentic Islamic teachings. With a steadfast commitment to Quranic principles and Prophetic traditions, our experienced practitioners offer personalized Ruqyah sessions to address a range of spiritual afflictions. Whether you’re seeking relief from evil eye, black magic, or jinn possession, our trusted experts are here to guide you on your journey towards spiritual wellness and resilience.

Types of  Ruqyah Services:

  1. Personalized Ruqyah Sessions: Experience personalized Ruqyah sessions tailored to your unique spiritual needs. Our knowledgeable practitioners conduct thorough assessments and design customized treatment plans incorporating potent Quranic recitations, supplications, and Prophetic remedies. With compassionate care and unwavering dedication, we strive to facilitate healing and protection in accordance with Islamic principles.
  2. Remote Ruqyah Consultations: We give the optionof being treated from the comfort of your own home with our remote Ruqyah consultations. Through virtual platforms, our experienced practitioners offer confidential assessments, spiritual guidance, and tailored Ruqyah prescriptions to address your specific concerns. Distance is no barrier to accessing the transformative power of Ruqyah with our remote services.
  3. Ongoing Spiritual Support: Our commitment to your spiritual well-being extends beyond individual sessions. Benefit from ongoing spiritual support and guidance as you navigate your healing journey. Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions, provide encouragement, and offer resources to support your continued growth and resilience.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise and Experience: Our practitioners possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Ruqyah, ensuring the highest quality of care and guidance for our clients.
  2. Authenticity and Integrity: We adhere strictly to Quranic teachings and Prophetic traditions, upholding the authenticity and integrity of our Ruqyah services at every step.
  3. Confidentiality and Compassion: Your privacy and comfort are paramount to us. We provide a safe and compassionate space for you to share your concerns and receive the support you need.
  4. Holistic Approach: We take a holistic approach to spiritual healing, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying spiritual imbalances contributing to your distress.


Are You Suffering Need Help Get Started Today?

Embark on your journey towards spiritual healing and protection with our premier Ruqyah services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards unlocking the transformative power of Ruqyah in your life.

What our patients say?


You are my mentor brother Arif. Cure comes from Allah but your endless efforts and sincere guidance towards truth has changed me into a completely different person.

Mohammed Waleed

May Allah bless you and protect you for your work. MashAllah

Ibrahim Solta Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I was suffering for many years untill i found Raqi Arif. Jazakallah for your help and may Allah bless you always