Self Ruqyah Treatment

Self Ruqyah is a powerful tool for seeking spiritual healing and protection in Islam for oneself. By reciting Quranic verses and supplications on oneself and on water oil and incense with sincerity and faith, one can find solace and relief from various spiritual afflictions. Remember to trust in Allah’s infinite mercy and continue this practice regularly, seeking His guidance and blessings.

Self Ruqyah. If you are suffering follow our treatment to cure yourself at home.

Important: Before you start destroy all taweez and other things you have been given by dipping them in a bowl of quranic water.


70 Liters of water, 1 liter of oil, incense (Agarbati)

Read the ayats below on 70ltrs water, oil and incense agarbati .


*Make sure the tops of the water, oil and incense sticks have been removed. Read directly on the oil water and sticks, once finished say bismillah and close them. 
Add the quranic paper to 70 liters of water for bathing, drinking and spraying 

Water –    
 * After Maghrib Salah wash your body every day with 1 liter of water preferably hot by heating it in the microwave. Rub the water starting from your head all over your body. (collect water by standing in a bucket and pouring the water that has come off your body back on yourself numerous times. Then feed plants and don’t allow it to go into the waste)
* drink 1 litre of water every day,                           
* spray the house walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, bed, utensils, spray business,                    

Oil- After washing with the water or before you sleep massage your entire body with the oil, especially in those places where you feel pains. Leave the oil on all night and wash in the morning.

Incense- to smoke the body. After bathing with the quranic water light the agarbati wear only a juba or long gown and stand over the smoke allowing it to smoke your body. Also, smoke in any room where you feel a presence or the whole house with the quranic agarbati.

Nafl: Read 2 rakat nafal salatul hajat after Zuhar, Maghrib and Esha after the nafl ask Allah to destroy the magic. Also do dua after invoking Allah to destroy all the blocks and magic.

For magic in the stomach. Boil 1 litre of quranic water and once it is boiling put the heat very low add 7 tablespoons of senna makki and stir for ten minutes on low heat then drink a minimum of 0.5 litre on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast. If you have pains keep drinking daily until pains disappear.

Also, boil barley in milk add honey or dry dates and eat after senna makki

Recite: Recite these words at least 200 times a day (THERE IS NO POWER NO MIGHT EXCEPT WITH ALLAH).

Finally, get Hijama (Cupping) done on parts where you feel pains

Follow the treatment until symptoms disappear.

Important Note: 

When reading the Quran on the water oil and agarbati make sure you open the containers and your breathe hits the oil water and agarbati. 

DO NOT leave the top on the container read the Quran and then blow as it will not have the same effect.
DO NOT boil the water to bath rather heat it in the microwave or in a pot of boiling water
DO NOT leave the quranic water open always keep it covered say bismillah before opening and closing the lid.
Yes For women on periods, they can have the bath.

Quranic water destroys the magic and burns the jinn inside Massaging the body with Quranic oil will keep working all night against the kala ilm and jinn. 

You can also read Quran on all the products you use to wash yourself also all the water the people drink in the house and on the oil used for cooking the food this will help especially for those people who refuse to have treatment done to them.

Daily recite the last Aytul Kursi & 3 Quls 3 times after each salat 
Recite Surah Bakarah daily.
4th Kalima 10 times after Fajar and Maghrib
Read Masnoon Duas for Entering and leaving the house, eating, going to the bathroom, taking off clothes, meeting spouse. Say Istigfhar as much as possible
Also recite the following duas 3 times after fajar and maghrib